Program Lexus RX300 2000 All Keys Lost with OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus

Test report: 2000 lexus rx300 USA model AKL (all keys lost) with 4c chip is done using OBDSTAR X300 DP or X300 DP Plus via eeprom.

Main steps:

Remove ecu behind glovebox

Read ic900 93c56 with OLD eeprom adapter and clip adapter (or the new P001 adapter 3-in-1)

desolder and use clip 100%

file i found here and altered with online hex editor

uploaded to tablet from synced google drive through chrome browser on x300 dp tablet

after reading chip it gives option for “recovery” (obdstar lingo for overwrite)

press help/f2 to write over

resolder chip

start car

collect money


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