BMW Explorer, Autohex, VVDI2 Which is Better for BMW Guys

BMW guys- I’m on the fence about which to buy.

BMW Explorer

I do a lot of DME exchanges and lost key work. I have IM608 which does some of what I need, but is flakey and has messed up some CAS3+ files recently. I also have older fvdi, which is also flakey.

Obviously I want the best coverage with the lowest cost, but if autohex is THAT much better, I will pull the trigger.

User experience and reviews:


Can’t fault autohex and the backup is excellent if you are struggling they will get on teamviewer also hextag for cloning ecus is excellent and is also good on all Cas units and frm


I have VVDI2, VVDI Prog, AutoHex, Hextag. To cover all jobs all of those are needed. Sometimes one won’t do a job and the other will, vice versa. Sometimes both tools are needed to do a job. You need both really.


My vote is BMW explorer. I own them all, explorer just simply works.  If explorer releases a feature, a month later it’s cloned into the other tool.


Vvdi prog, vvdi2, Autel, acdp, Autohex are your basics.


Bmw Explorer, autohex , hextag and Vvdi prog. You can do 90% of the BMW’s on this planet. Buy also Yanhua mini ACDP and you can do 94% of all BMW’s on this planet. Explorer allows a lot via obd.  Autohex allows a lot on bench. Mini ACDP allows many new Dme / dde isn / cloning and is also very user friendly. ACDP is safe as long as you have good internet and wifi its perfect.


Explorer does it cas4 via OBD in 1.5 minute. Yanhua acdp does it in 3 minutes. Autohex does it on bench in 3 minutes.
Vvdi2 kills it via obd / bench in 30 seconds (it is ok if keep voltage to v13-v14).


BMW Explorer- you have to buy everything individually. But best on the market. Quickest tool for cas4 obd. Autohex for the price is good which you get hexprog with reads all isns no problem.


Autohex is very very GOOD and they have the best support ever!


Vvdi2 for beginners stop use long time ago.
Autohex2 like it a lot.
Made a lot of money and it is easy to use it.


Acdp Mini does cas4 obd. All these tools will do this. But acdp is the cheapest.


I have vvdi2 and Autohex full and love my Autohex. If I did it again I’d prolly buy bmw explorer and then buy hextag sense explorer doesn’t do any eeprom it you’ll also want tango to go with it. All 3 tools will compliment each other well.


Yanhua Acdp hands down is the best tool for bmw for the price. 

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