Autek iKey820 vs. SKP900 vs. CK200 vs. OBDSTAR Which is Better?

Have Autek ikey820, SKP900, obdstar x300 dp, ck200 etc to test the same car models and share the test reports.

Test report 1.

Autek ikey820
2018 rogue used 2017 rogue in menu success in 30 secs
Usa add 2 key 434mhz 4 button

Obdstar x300 dp has 2017-19 in menu but it failed(at least it warned about bad bcm id numbers and gave cars current id

Test report 2.

2007 ford explorer BOTH x300dp and autek ikey820 fail to even communicate on the immo side( tried many different ways) FAIL

x300dp could go into diagnostics side though


CK200 for the win 10 minutes later
next up is a 2010 Infiniti M35

again we have total failure on the autek ikey820 FAIL

it was even saying the NEW pincode was the old pincode

had to go into the the x300dp under manual and choose type MC as automatic was not working

also I checked just for fun CK200 did it without issue……..

so success x2 with the obdstar and ckstar units just not autek

Test report 3.

it’s pretty much ck100 with added cars and features and corrections and it comes with 10,246 tokens on it so it will pretty much never run out………….

it was last updated about 2016 i think

it has come through on many jobs when much newer machines wouldn’t

it doesn’t have a lot of the newer systems but for the older stuff its damn solid

just look up a ck200 and the updates it had and the differences plenty of info out there on what they added.

Test report 4.

Mazda 3 2017 USA add a key

X300 DP turn on wait seven minutes horn sounds twice
wrong pincode FAIL

Autek ikey820 does not have Mazda 3 2017 in menu semi-fail???

BUT just use atenza 17+

turn on wait seven minutes horn sounds twice
Program key turn on off with both SUCCESS

Test report 5.

2004 ford mustang AKL USA h72

AUTEK ikey820
erase keys, key number, and parameter reset options only DOES NOT HAVE ADD A KEY FAIL

OBDSTAR keymaster DP

erase keys and key number options only DOES NOT HAVE ADD A KEY FAIL

erase keys, key number and ADD ONE KEY


im telling you this thing is still kicking ass many years later

keymaster DP fully up to date 5/2019

ikey820 fully up to date 4/2019

CK200 hasn’t been updated since late 2016 yet can do things they cant

Test report 6.

2003 Mitsubishi eclipse AKL USA

lishi trunk and cut key(door is broken)


and in the mitsubishi eclipse there seems to be no key programming at all?? for 02 03 04 05 only remote programming no key programming FAILURE WTF IS THIS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!
i tried some other years/models and it wouldn’t communicate at all………


this had the same problem really not communicating or wouldn’t program or whatever tried many options FAILURE

plug in and select by model and year

there are two types

type 1 no comms
type 2 goes straight in to key programming and supplies the correct pincode and car is programmed in 30 seconds SUCCESS

Test report 7.

This tool is getting better, I think.
It has many glitches, like other people stated, sometimes SKP900 does better job. But it works on some newer cars. For example, today I programmed used key to 2015 Nissan Leaf (adding the key), even though it was quite scary.
Never done this car before. Had both working and second (used) keys in the car (I think this was my mistake). Tool connected, pulled PIN no problem, then asked to turn ignition on (no slot or place for smart key or I couldn’t find it). So I pressed Start button by working key. Tool was thinking for a while, than gave “connection error”. Then comes scary part – original key stopped working. Tried once more – same result. Dash still was turning on though and showing I-key error or something like that. It didn’t look good at all. But when I’ve tried to move the car, to my big surprise it moved! After some checking I occasionally found that second key (which was simply sitting in my pocket) now opens the doors! Then I removed this second key from the car and tried to program key with just one (original) key inside the car. Same thing – tool gave “connection error” at the end, but nevertheless, original key was programmed and started working again! I went outside, grabbed another key. Guess what? It stopped working! But when I took it inside and clicked start button with it, it also started working again .
Most funny part – after turning ignition on few times “I-Key error” disappeared too!
So even though it was pain in the a**, I’ve got two keys programmed with Ikey 820. BTW, SKP-900 couldn’t do anything with this car (or at least I wasn’t able to do it).

PS. Follow up – after some driving Check engine light came up on Nissan Leaf, P0513 (incorrect immobilizer key). So there’s definitely not all smooth.

Other Nissan done recently with Autek iKey 820 – 2008 Nissan 370Z. Added smart key – one minute, automatic PIN, no problems, very easy.
2011 VW Routan add fobik – 2 min, no problems.

there are no clear instructions on the screen at all, and I couldn’t find them on the Internet for Nissan Leaf. Not sure if they are the same with other Nissans of similar age. If I remember correctly – tool says “success”, which (I think) only enters programming mode. I click OK. Next screen says “turn ignition on”, but doesn’t say how this should be done, where should be the keys. I clicked start button with original key, ignition turned on. I clicked OK on the tool, it was thinking a bit and then gave “programming failed” or something like that.

I found this info on the internet for Nissan Leaf, they used Zed-Full just to get car into programming mode, then basically all was done without tool:

“What we do is to just ZF to turn off the electric steering wheel lock, it will find bcm, convert to pin and turn off steering wheel lock in one process, then you don’t have to use ZF anymore, just register keys. push button with key logo so dash comes on, push button again to dash goes off, click unlock, if that’s the last key, finish with lock.
doors must be closed when doing last key and finishing programming with lock button on key.
a message in dash will blink 5 times to confirm that programming mode is finished. ID it doesn’t blink, simply repeat last two steps, push start button with key to light dashboard, push start button again to let the dash go off, push unlock, then lock. dashboard will confirm.
remember to start with no keys in car, and no more than one key inside the car in any given time during programming.”

To be upgrading…

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