How to Program Grande Punto 2007 All Keys Lost?


It has been very long time since I programmed Fiat Gande Punto all keys lost, usually for remote key you need to pre-code the remote and programme key, I want to know can I just program a basic key with a chip Philips ID46 T14 – PCF7936 with OBD tool I have got the pin code this car is all keys lost.



you can program 7936 but first it must be precoded and then learn
just use your lonsdor k518ise and choose 7936


read precode string from bcm by obd

IO Terminal work by OBD – tested 100%
then post BCM dump


read eeprom 93c86 from Delphi BSI , then precode Transponder Type: PCF7936 after that programming with pincode , upload the file

4).  i recently made this tool with obdstar x300 dp plus. I read eprom with obd and created a p001 precoded chip. and I added it to the vehicle very successfully


All sorted read BCM dump with the help of truecode all OBD then with eeprom made dealer key with vvdi2 and programmed on car with lonsdor with pin-code.

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