Which Tool and How to Program Fiat Croma All Key Lost?


I have problem with Fiat Croma 2007. 1.9jtd.
The car comes to me with all key lost.I readed the dump from BSI with 9S12DG256 and tried to make transponder 7936 with EEFI.
but no success.
Can somebody advice me how can I make key for this car.


That’s because you have to store the key in the key module too (EZS, EVL whatever). Same system like the Alfa 159.
If you learn thru obd then the car will not accept only precoded 7941 TP it will not working with 7936 or 7946..etc

Basically you have 4 choice:
– 7936 stored in the bsi and the ezs module
– One of the lost key data written out to id46 copy tp
This two option covered by miraclone for sure (i already tested it)
– Used keys with bsi and EZS, and you have to adjust to the car
– Dealer

Basically you have to store the same transponder in the BSI and the EZS. (24c02)

tmpro2 is the best tool for
alfa 159, brera
just reading 24c04 from key reader.


upload original data
ezs and bsi
attach the original ezs file
get an experienced engineer send you a return file
and the data you enter in the Cn3 transponder
and start the car
simple work

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