Which Tool to Program 2021 Ford F-150 Smart Key?


What tool can you use to program smart keys for 2021 Ford F-150 trucks? Answer: option 1: j2534 device and NASTF/FJDS subscription.  Autel Maxiflash or JVCI j2534 box. option 2: or Ford VCM3 + FRDS and Nastf. 5 Mins job. VCM3 is the newest Ford factory tool. You will need an IDS subscription which also covers access to FDRS. You will need a LSID to do anything security wise in these newer Fords. option 3: OBDSTAR x300 dp plus + P002 adapter and Ford AKL cable F-150 2020 can be done by this kit. check operation guide: http://www.key-programmer.org/2021/05/27/program-ford-2016-up-proximity-all-keys-lost-by-obdstar/ option 4: The new AutoProPAD G2 can program a proximity key to a 2020/2021 Ford F150 with an active alarm! option 5: Smart pro.

Adding or erasing via any other programmer requires NASTF credentials & Wifi, not so with the Smart Pro!

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