(Fixed) Mercedes W204 No Ignition After CGDI MB Repair

Question about using CGDI MB key programmer:

W204 was no ignition, elv not working.
*I replaced motor
*Checked elv status – elv damaged
*Repaired chip – elv ok
*Soldered chip back
*Tested – it locks, but doesn’t unlock
*After wiping and writing elv all OK – elv working when key is in eis and out of eis
*still no ignition, but elv working
*wiped eis, load data back, all successful – still no ignition
*check elv status – no marks for terminals in section CAR
*made new key, but still not working


Finally solved!

Found where was a problem. After erase esl, I put original data for esl, which I read before erasing. Now all good. I forgot, that I need to write data from EIS with password.


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Okay, CGDI MB tech support: www.obdii365.com

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