Can I Use Autel MaxiSys BMW ENET Cable with IM608?

Anyone use an old Autel maxisys BMW ENET cable adapter with MaxiIM IM608?

			Can I Use Autel MaxiSys BMW ENET Cable with IM608?

Yes. You can use this cable, BMW F and G body program and code.

First, connect it to the vehicle’s obd socket, and there will be two connectors left. Just plug one into the obd connector on the diagnostic machine (autel or topdon…)and the other into the ethernet connector. If the diagnostic device only has a USB port and does not have an ethernet RJ45 port, use a usb to ethernet converter.

I have used this cable with the Autel IM608 CIP for F series and it works great! But I need dealer ista d/p for a issue with DME MEVD17.4 replacement on F36 N20. I didn’t have an enet cable handy but since made custom cable. The Autel cable doesn’t have the resistor needed, it must command as part of the JVCI multiplexer. But as you mentioned I had to use a RJ45 to USB adapter as well. With a good adapter, the programming times are fair with CIP.

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