Autel IM508 Toyota RAV4 Reset Smart Box Failed Solution


I am doing a US Toyota RAV4 AKL smart box reset with Autel IM508, but it failed. What the solutions?

Read eeprom from smart key and make master key by dump. When I added the key it won’t work. Then I did reset it and tried to add key again still won’t. Bought a different new key now trying to reset it again then it failed.

			Autel IM508 Toyota RAV4 Reset Smart Box Failed Solution

Possible solution:

If reset was already done just add key. When your trying to add the key, if you are getting 1 or no beeps your key is the problem.

The first new key is a wrong key, or a faulty key. I just did one Highlander yesterday with apb112 and it went super smooth. Your simulator key works so there is nothing wrong that part, if it is a wrong key, it won’t take.

You have to buy NEW key, renewed key not work with this car. The problem is, even if you reset smartbox, it will not erase the old key id but only the number of key. (Only 2bit are changed in dump).

The second option is to buy new smartbox or find a REAL virgin dump from NEW smartbox.


Make sure to have correct key. They might have different ones. 8A chip is for 2012-2020..then some 2012 still use 4d70 chip..use diagnostic mode to do reset..or use apb112 if you got one.

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