Autel IM608 Cayenne 2008 Kessy Lost Communication Solution

Problem: Today i try to add a key to a Porsche Cayenne 2008 with Autel IM608.

Read data from ecu me7 -ok
7th bytes from working key – ok
Make dealer key – ok
Program key – no ok
Lost communication with car when i want to program.
The original key can always start the car. Any solution?

Possible solutions:

Solution 1)
Just went through this a couple days ago. I had to jump fuse 26 and 36 to wake up car gateway aka cluster and then used VVDI2 to do key learn with pin I got from Autel, because Autel kept losing communication, if you go under diagnostic and talk to Kessy you’ll see it talks just fine but some glitch in the learning process.

just put power to the car normally and then jump the power from a full time fuse like 36 to the one that needs to be powered up 26.

			Autel IM608 Cayenne 2008 Kessy Lost Communication Solution

You might be able to do it through diagnostic mode using same instructions as vcds and a PIN code like you would with earlier Volkswagens.

Solution 2:

the solution was to pull kessy and eeprom it then make key on bench.. ended up being quicker than trying to add the key obd2

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