SuperOBD SKP900 key programmer update to V3.8
2 Steps to write Benz key with TM100 key programmer
With powerful TM100 car key programmer, locksmith can cover, read, write and generate the latest transponders used in the latest vehicle immobilizer technologies. Here is a Benz key
OBDSTAR X-100 Pro tested yes models (updated)
OBDSTAR X-100 PRO X100 PRO car auto key programmer tested yes for the following models (15th June, 2016) mileage change:   1) VAG group vehicles:  Audi A3 is on the list from 2003 – 2006, 2007- up personally I have not tried Volkswagen Tiguan 2013 TFT color dash nec+24C64 ok Volkswagen caddy 2014 white meter NEC24C64 via obd Volkswagen Caddy 2014 with TFT Color dash via obd Volkswagen Caddy 2014 with TFT Color dash via obd Seat Ibiza 2014 Via obd ok Volkswagen Polo 2014 with NEC24C64 06 a8 OK 2013 golf with black/white screen – OK (with latest update)
How to enable CN900 key programmer ID46 copy function
CN900 auto key programmer is able to directly copy 4D and 4C chips and unlock ID48, but you need  purchase 46 Decoder and CN3 chips together in order to
FAQ XTOOL X100 X-100 PAD Tablet Car Key Programmer
XTOOL X-100 PAD Tablet car key programmer with EEPROM adapter has hit obd365 shelves recently. The car key prorammer has won great popularity and many customers are interested about it. Here  has
Zed-Bull Key Programmer copy ID46 to a TPX3 Transponder
Zed Bull car key programmer supports pin code reading for both Hyundai and KIA. As an immobilizer system, Zed-Bull also supports 8c and 8e chip distinguish function. Below we will
Mini Zed Bull key programmer, any good?
Zed Bull is one good auto key programmer, and the mini zed bull is one of the key programmer, so what about this key programmer?Here you should know
CK100 CK-100 key programmer hit ESC no responds (fixed)
Problem The CK-100 auto key programmer (I got the v45.06 version) unit ask me to hit “ESC” button 2 times , when I do nothing happens and the
CBAY Handy baby Key Programmer PCB and battery
This is the Handy Baby Hand-held Car Key Copy Key Programmer for 4D/46/48 Chips, now it will be disassembled for all to learn its inner parts. Disassemble the
How to activate xtool x100 pad key programmer
To register original XTOOL X-100 PAD Tablet Key Programmer , you login with e-mail address to complete registration.  Please follow the instruction below. How to register xtool x-100 pad key programmer? Well connect your