Autel XP400 Pro Sprinter 2002 Immo Chip Answer Error Solution
Problem: I have chip “answer error” on immobox temic sprinter 2002 with autel im608 pro, it is not the same photo in autel and vvdi prog, that of
Autel IM608 Pro Clone Mercedes W203 ME2.8 ECU
It is very easy to clone ME 2.8 ecu instead of going through renew procedure.  It is a cylinder V6 ECU on a Mercedes w203. It runs on
Autel IM508/IM608 VW Passat B6 B7 CC Add Key via Dump
2010 Volkswagen Passat CC how do I do the eeprom on it with Autel MaxiIM Im608/IM508? Open board, desolder 95320 chip and read chip. You cannot read this chip
How to Repair Autel XP400/Pro After OBD Connection?
We are told not to connect Autel IM608 XP400 or XP400 Pro with car’s OBD. Otherwise will damage the xp400. Still some users accidentally connect the xp400 to the car’s OBD and
Autel IM608 BMW CAS4 5M48H Chip Unlock Failed Solution
Question: Anybody come across this issue? I’m trying to read DFlash or PFlash Cas4 on an F10 BMW  5M48H -with Autel IM608 outcome it reaches 7% and then
Tips to Program Porsche Cayenne 93C86 Key with Autel IM608
Question: How to program a new key for Porsche cayenne Continental with Autel IM608? year 2008 is 315mhz with Panic button. Autel XP400 Pro says chip not connected.
How to Solve Autel IM608 Missing ‘Remote’ Function Menu?
Problem: I have a problem with my Autel IM608 XP400. It is missing the Remote function. XP400 is well connected.  My software version is v3.50. However, i saw
Autel IM608 Program 2008 Volvo XC70 All Keys Lost
This is a 2008 Volvo XC70, the client lost all of the keys for the vehicle and we have to program a new semi-smart key to this vehicle
Autel MaxiIM IM508 2021 Lincoln Navigator Smart Key Programming
Hey guys, we have 2021 Lincoln Navigator to add an all-new smart key using aftermarket smart keys and Autel MaxiIM IM508 key programmer, it should be simple we’ll
Program Jetta 2017 All Keys Lost with Autel IM608 via OBD
Autel MaxiIM IM508 (XP400)/IM608 released MQB Megamos AES key and blade key all keys lost programming via OBD.  All keys lost fee: $30 per vehicle. Here’s the demo guide on Jetta 2017 MQB OBD