OBDSTAR Adds 2019- Toyota Corolla Levin 4A Proximity Key Programming
OBDSTAR released new Toyota immobilizer software V32.58.  This version adds 4A proximity key programming (Free PIN code). Models: Toyota 2019- Corolla, Corolla HV, Levin, Levin HV Function Read
OBDSTAR Adds Subaru 2013- 8A Smart Key AKL via Key SIM
OBDSTAR Subaru immobilizer software update to V30.47. 1.Add XV 2012- 72G Blade All Keys Lost (16 minutes to reset), Subaru 8A H Blade All keys lost (by Key
Program Lexus LS450 2009 98 Type All Keys Lost by OBDSTAR Key SIM Emulator
OBDSTAR released a new Key SIM emulator to replace the older 4 emulators for Toyota all smart keys lost programming.  Here’s the demo guide to program Lexus 98