Program Great Wall GWM H5 Immo Key with VVDI Prog and Tango
Xhorse Vvdi prog and Tango success on Great Wall (GWM H5) with Delphi immobilizer box 3605130. Read Delphi immo data with vvdi prog. it will show you wiring
Which Tool to Write Key for Chrysler Crossfire 04-09?
Question: 2005 Chrysler crossfire,  trying to read eeprom and write key but can’t find the option under MCU MC68HC05X32 (1D69J). Does anyone know which option do I go
VCDS & Xhorse VVDI2 -confirmed to program Passat b6 2007 all keys lost
Have one Passat b6 2007 all keys lost to program, firstly used Tango to make keys but immo active, then some kind locksmiths advised to use Xhrose VVDI2
Which Tool to Program Saab 9-3 and 9-5 All Keys Lost?
Question: Can you advice which tool is the best to use in a situation that all keys are lost. I want to use it for Saab 9-3 and
How to Install and Update Original Tango Key Programmer Software?
Here’s the step-by-step installation and update guide of original Scorpio-LK Tango key programmersoftware. Operating system:  WinVista, WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win10 *Tango Driver V4 WinVista, Win7 requires Microsoft security update, Win8
Tango Program BMW Motorcycle R650 2014 All Keys Lost by Dump
How-to: program a new key on BMW motorcycle  R650  year 2014 by Tango key programmer when lost all keys. For BMW immobilizer system,there are 3 types: ECU immobilizer type Immobilizer box
Program Mercedes AXOR Truck All Keys Lost with Orange5 and Tango
How to make Mercedes Benz AXOR truck key when lost all keys situation? Check instruction here: i.e 2005 Benz AXOR truck Read and save 93c86 eeprom dump data
Tango Key Programmer Error L0030 User Not Admin Solution
 Problem: My Tango is not working properly, I think it needs update but error occurs when i try to update. “Error L0030: user is not admin” Solution: It’s
Tango BMW X5 X70 PCF7945 Keys Programmed Don’t have Keyless
Problem: BMW x5 e70 868 keyless pcf7945 i have programmed 2 new keys for the car, the customer had a key. i have read eeprom and flash with
TangoPlus Toyota Error Payable Option Solution
Problem: I got the original Tango key programmer. When try to load TangoPlus Toyota software, it gave me error: Error: Sorry, payable option. To continue it is necessary