How to Read BMW MEV9N46 DME ISN with Yanhua Mini ACDP
Question: I had this two errors when trying to read MEV9N46 DME ISN using Yanhua Mini ACDP… and now it does not wanna connect through Bluetooth after I
where is Jaguar Land Rover KVM located for ACDP key programming?
As known: Yanhua Mini ACDP + Module 9 support Jaguar Land Rover year 2014- 2018 KVM MC9S12XEQ384 add key & all keys lost programming (Range Rover 2015-, Land
How to use Yanhua MINI ACDP Mercedes BENZ DME Clone
Update! Yanhua Mini ACDP adds module 15 to perform Mercedes Benz DME clone, no need to open DME shell, no need to drill hole on DME, no need
How to solve ACDP “Don’t support this FEM/BDC version currently”
Connected Yanhua Mini ACDP to FEM/BDC module 2 in the correct wiring method: However, I got error message on my phone ” Don’t support this FEM/BDC version currently”
How to- Mini ACDP BMW 8HP ISN Clear (E Chassis)
Yanhua Mini ACDP update “8HP ISN Clear (Support E Chassis)” (i.e BMW E model 2011 X6 EGS 8HP reset). This article is on how to operate. Need to
What Makes Yanhua Mini ACDP Better than Other Programmers?
Compared with the similar IMMO key programming and mileage programmers, Yanhua Mini acdp operation is much more user-friendly, therefore it also meet the needs of the newbies who
All BMW Models with Corresponding CAS IMMO Type Listed
Question: Is there a page or does someone have a list where all bmw models with the corresponding ews/cas type are listed? Answer: Yes,  here provides 2000
Yanhua Mini ACDP Supported BMW ISN DME Type List
Here lists all available Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW ISN DME Type List (keep updating…) * Yanhua ACDP main unit and DME ISN reading license is required. Some
BMW Explorer, Autohex, VVDI2 Which is Better for BMW Guys
BMW guys- I’m on the fence about which to buy. BMW Explorer AutoHex VVDI2 I do a lot of DME exchanges and lost key work. I have IM608
How to Read B48 B58 ISN with Yanhua Mini ACDP?
Yanhua Mini ACDP released B48 & B58 ISN code reading & writing from DME on bench without opening DME shell. No need to drill the hole. Support all