VAS 5054a ODIS program a Jetta 2010 key

After several failed car key programming attempts, I recently successfully program a new key for a 2010 Jetta. Here I would like to share my experience and hope this is helpful for Jetta owners to program their car keys.


There are three things you need: the right PIN code, a car key programmer and a blank key.


Step 1: Get your PIN code


Usually you can find the PIN code in the car or in the manual book. Many drivers, including me, do not know this actually. After I used a PIN code calculator (hmm, a must for every mechanic) to get the code, a mechanic nearby told me the code was written in the manual book! Well, at least it proved the PIN code I got was right.


Step 2: Get a VW key programmer


As we all know, the car key programmers on the market for VW are quite ok. Tools such as Launch X431, VAS 5053, Bluetooth VAS 5054A ODIS are all available. But for the 2010 Jetta I came across, the only tool I could use was VAS 5054A. So I bought a VAS 5054  interface with OKI chip, tested it, and it worked.


Step 3: Get a blank key


Buy a blank key with the right chip for the car model. In most circumstances, a blank 2010 Jetta costs from $45 to $100 in different shops.


Step 4: Program a replacement

Start the VAS5054a ODIS diagnostic tool, install it, enter the PIN code, and then you will create a new replacement. I made a new key and then tested it on the car. When I inserted the replacement, the immobilizer light turned off. This meant the key can was successfully programmed.

The Key Pro M8 failed to power up


The Key Pro M8 key programmer refused to power up. No noise heard. I tried to insert other dongles (no Dongle B) and OBD cables, all failed to work it out.



Do not insert the dongle first. First connect the power adapter to M8 main unit via power connector. Then power on the m8 key pro. If still do not work,change another power supply. If both the methods failed, you’d better send back the M8 serial number and M8 key programmer (with the MD103 security calculator) back to repair.

5 ways to get pin code with VVDI PROG programmer

Original Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer support Pin code calculation for a number of vehicles makes, including Ford Nissan Hyundai VW… In the following post, I will show you 5 ways optional to get Pin Code with VVDIProg.


In the drop-down menu box of “Pin code calculator”, the supported vehicle makes will be listed, such as: Ford, Mazda, Nissan, VW and more.


Way 1: Ford – get Incode with Outcode

Firstly, select “Ford” – “Outcode->Incode”

VVDIPRO PIN computing functions-ford-outcode-01

Input outcode and click “Calculate” to get Incode

VVDIPRO PIN computing functions-ford-incode-02

Checking device… wait 2 minutes and you can monitor the whole procedure until the calculation complete and get the Incode

VVDIPRO PIN computing functions-03

VVDIPRO PIN computing functions-04

Way 2: calculate Nissan 20 digital PIN code

Select “Nissan” – “PIN 2013-” in the drop-down menu box of “Pin code calculator”.

VVDIPRO PIN computing functions-nissan-05

Input 20 digital BCM Num, wait several minutes until you see “initialization successful” at the left corner, and meanwhile VVDI-PROG yellow indicator flash. Then click “Calculate” to get PIN.

VVDIPRO PIN computing functions-nissan-06

VVDIPRO PIN computing functions-07

VVDIPRO PIN computing functions-08

Way 3: Calculate PIN code by VIN.

Take Hyundai for example.

A part of vehicles can get PIN code by VIN, take Hyundai for example.

Select “Hyundai” in the drop-down menu box of “Pin code calculator”.


Copy and paste the VIN into the blank box, then click the “Calculate” icon to get PIN.

VVDIPRO PIN computing functions-09

VVDIPRO PIN computing functions-10

Way 4: Load data to calculate PIN

Take VW for example.

Select “VW” in the drop-down menu box of “Pin code calculator”, then a window pops up, click ” Load file” and then select the BIN file to load. Checking device…wait 2 minute and you will get PIN code at the left corner.

VVDIPRO PIN computing functions-11

Way 4: Get Pin by comparing the data.

Click the folder Icon named “Open” in the menu; select the file to go on.

What programmer works on CAS 1-3 all key lost

Question before entering:
Looking into “CAS” system, what china clone car key programmer works on CAS 1,2,3 all lost keys??
what chip is use to write the key style system ? Do you write key into the slot or read
the slot and clone the logic. Is there any slots that can not be written too,is the same
process used in proxy style key?

Tools recommend

1. BMW multi tool by Xhorse:
BMW multi tool work very good not all case lost all keys, but the price is very good…
White exist key in cas2, cas3, cas3+ via OBD and cas4 from dump…
BMW Multi tool by xhorse is verified able to add spare keys, can do all lost with no problem, ca work great with CAS3/CAS3+, CAS 4 for spare and all keys lost. And Chinese site are promotion encrypted CAS4+ programming. Can get multi tool update all the time.

Note: heard some scary story about BMW multi tool wiped out the data, the problem these guys have is there’s no backup if goes wrong.
Read more BMW Multi tool by Xhorse reviews from experienced customers at:

2. AK300 BMW CAS key programmer
I use an ak300+ and at today never failed me even on cas3+ – quote from XXX forum.
Verified by many users:
Support the BMW CAS, CAS2, CAS3, Automatic analysis CAS data
Support the horse CAS, CAS2, CAS3 BMW and BMW remote key.

User can do using AK300 key maker:
1). BMW CAS supports a diagnosis of communication directly through the OBD port or through the CAS BUS port security to read and write data EEPROM;
2) automatic analysis CAS data, automatically displays the BMW keys to use quantity; key tooth number; remote control frequency; CAS with the DME synchronization ID; keys scrapped the state, etc.;
3) Support key scrapped or restart using the old key; this technology unmatched global technology;
4) Support the rehabilitation of CAS computer (due to transfer table is damaged or programming lock);
5) supports the new 2002-2009 BMW CAS; CAS2; CAS3; CAS3+ 6 support the horse CAS; CAS 2; CAS 3; CAS 3 + BMW and BMW remote key;

3. Yanhua Digimaster 3:
For cas3+, very good working digimaster III via obd, done about 8-10 keys. Never down.
As known, digimaster 3 can program key for BMW and Mercedes Benz. In Digimaster (D3) user manual, it contains two parts, which is “4.3 Mercedes Benz Key Programming” and “4.4 BMW Key Programming”, browse and search at:
which will step – by – step show how to how to make key.

4. FVDI Abrites Commander:
I’ve done like 50 Keys using FVDI commander, never failed on any , all keys are Chinese , maximum process is about 3 minutes by OBD , last car I did X5 2010 a week ago – quote from digitalXXX forum.

VW 3th Generation dashboard locked, manually modify it

When I use VVDI (old version VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface or the newest version up VVDI 3.5.3 K-line dashboard function) to make key for VW, some VW dashboard will be locked after failing to input right password. In the following parts, I will show you how to solve the problem, let us take VW 3th Generation IMMO dashboard immobilizer data for example.


Compare the normal data with the wrong data after inputting the wrong password, you will find data change in two places.


Data change in the first place:

  • In the 0D0 line, the 00C0 becomes 01C0, 01 means the password was typed incorrectly for one time, 02 means password was typed incorrectly for two times, the rest may be increased by analogy.



  • Data change in the second place:

In the 280 line, data 06 is the state position, after the password is typed incorrectly for one time, 06 become 07, when it becomes 09, it is in locked status.


How to unlock the data?

Please manually modify the following data:

  • In 0D0 line, modify 04C0 to 00C0


  • In 280 line, modify 0981 to 0681


  • We can also use the synchronizing method, this way will be introduced next time.

Locksmith Review on CN1, CN2 and YS01 chip

The YS-01 chip review

1) works well with Tmpro2 as TPX1 or TPX2 In fact for all TMpro2 Module software using the usual glass TPX2 transponder, you can use the YS-01 and even when locked you can still configure back this transponder as TPX1.It meant for all TMpro2 module software using the TPX1


2) works well with the Clone Zed bull + EFfi software only as TPX2. for all EFfi Module using as transponder tobe used the TPX2.But as compared with TMpro, once this transponder has been programmed via the EFfi software and locked,it can not be unlocked for further use.Works also for TOYOTA ID 67; 68, 69, 70 Key cloning.


To summarized, so far, i have tested it with TMpro2 that can program many times either as TPX1 or TPX2 and can be programmed only as TPX2 using the Clone Zedbull + EFfi software


TMPRO2 can unlock YS-01 or CN2 even if locked by EFfi and program any of these back as ID4C (TPX1) or ID60,61………70 ( TPX2) except the ID64. In fact i have especially tried YS-01 with Jeep Cherokee(ID64) dump and Tmpro2 without success and got confirmation from BOGI that is does not work


Q: Are there any cases where a customer coming back with issue with YS-01 chipped keys complaining that the key not being recognized after month or years of use?

A: The locksmith master from digital-kaos forum answered never happened to us.


If ys-01 is locked, how to unlock it?

Optional solution 1: ask the seller for unlocked all pages.

Optional solution 2: unlock using cn900 or nd900 key clone machine.


Optional solution 3: You don’t need another transponder – just overwrite the locked transponder with blank YS01 (copy a blank YS-01 over the locked YS-01) and it will be as good as new.

with any tool if ys-01 is locked,tmpro2 can unlock all 4 pages,hundred time test it:-)

only is bad weak signal and half of them go died with unknown reason…


YS-01 chip and CN1 chip

Q: I have has 3 4C Toyota that fail once the car gets warm.

First thing in the morning, key is fine, drive to shops and car won’t start.

This is with the CN-1 chip which can only be written by my CN900.

I tried to write one of the CN-1 chips with TMpro but it would not recognise it.

I believe there is a difference between the CN-1 and the YS-01 chip and that is where confusion is being created.

Anybody got a link for YS-01 chips?

A: cn1 or ys01 can be written by most tools, but need to unlock first.


CN2 chip Review

I have no problems cloning Chrysler 4D64 keys using the CN2. The last car I did a few days ago would not clone to a TPX2, but worked with the CN2. The descriptions from the China suppliers always say “does not support 4D64”, but it works with Miraclone and internet server. But have never tried to load a dump to the CN2, just cloning.


CN1 chip, CN2 chip and YS01 chip conclusion

CN1, CN2 and YS01 are all the same transponder, currently. They are manufactured from the same manufacturer. They might have been different in the past but now they are the same transponder on the inside. Also YS01 has problems when writing 4D on them(especially on Ford and Toyota) – if you find any of them I recommend using only for 4C(less problems). I have used them for cloning and also for programming with EFFI. TMPro2 also works with them.

AD900 write Ford Focus and Fiesta key data

When you make key for Ford Focus and Fiesta, it fails to communicate or many-times failure to match, you can try to write key manually if the dashboard data is able to be safely read and written.


The equipment needed:

AD900 Pro key programmer and Chip reader and writer


Step-by-step instruction:

Step one: read out dashboard data, find out the key location

The following picture displays Ford Focus and Fiesta data


The above data “50C1 584A “ is the first one key data.

50 is the first one key mark, the first one key is called NO. 0 key position, C1  58  4A is the vehicle original chip data.


510A 8F27 is the second key data, 51 is the second key mark and called No.1 key location. 0A  8F  27 is the key chip data.


1 9 E9 7C 0C E3 is the chip password location


Generally speaking, the data storage location differs from one vehicle model to another one, and cause different actual key data location. But as long as you can find out 50XX XXXX  51XX XXXX , you can find out the key location, take the following picture for example, the key is located in 000005B0 line.


After knowing the above-mentioned knowledge, let’s begin to read out the chip data.


Step-by-step instruction:

Here, I will show you how to use AD900 key programmer to read the chip data, you can also use other common chip reading and writing tools.


1C EB C3 that the following picture shows is the key data in my hand, it needs to be written into the data from the last one to the first one, it means: for the data C3 EB 1C, if the car owner lost all keys, we can write data in the location of NO. 1 or NO.1 key location as the following picture shows.


If the car owner needs to add key, we can write to the back key location as follows.


Now, write the password stored in the data to the chip from the last one to the first one.


For example, the password is : 19 E9 7C 0C E3, when you write it in the chip, write it from the last one to the first one, that is E3 0C 7C E9 19.


After inputting the password, click “Write”  and finish.


Finally, write back the modified CPU data to the car, then the car is able to start.


I suggest you use Data Smart3+ Immo Full Package to read and write data, because it does not need to remove ECU.

What programer do Audi A6L pre-2011 all key lost

Nowadays, many people program key for VAG Audi 4th generation immobilizer system and it does no need to remove J518 computer and engine computer for the Audi A6L-2.0T before 2011 when lost all keys.


Firstly, turn on the ignition switch, then open the fuse box, use a wire to connect the fuse 30A and 15A to force the engine computer to supply power.


Secondly, select any one of VW Audi key with NO.9 position and insert an 8E chip into it, then insert the key into the ignition switch, turn forward one gear to open the ignition switch. Then the air conditioner light flashes, but the dashboard light off because J518 computer is not unlock.


Explanation on the key with NO.9 cutting position

Generally speaking, there are 8 positions in the car door lock for VW Audi Porsche, there is only one cutting in the ignition, it is NO.9 position. We tend to think the key that is made according to the car door lock can directly turn on the ignition, and when the ignition can’t be turn on, we will think there are more lock wafers in the ignition than the car door lock. But, it is only one cutting in the ignition switch for Touareg, A6L, A8, Phaeto, the difference is it is in the position of No.9. Any one key with No.9 position cutting can turn on the ignition. Technically speaking, it is not a mechanical lock; it is only an electronic recognizer.


The key with 8 positions


The key with NO.9 Position


Thirdly, wait for 15 minutes, wait engine unlock.

Fourthly, use AVDI or VVDI Interface to enter engine system to read out firmware protecting number and password.


After the firmware protecting number is read out, hitch the 4th immo adapter round the key as the following picture shows.


Click “generate dealer key“, after success, click “Learn key”, then finish.


Finally, unplug the wire that connected to the fuse.


If the key is original blank key, then the remote control can generate automatically, if you think the original key is too expensive to afford, then you can also choose A6L package and add one receiver box, on the premise of that the key has good quality and the driver agree you to do like this, also you can choose dual-horse remote key without receiver box, but you have to use dual-horse device.


If you are a skillful locksmith, advice you use Condor X007 or Condor XC-Mini key cutting machine, it only costs half an hour.


In the whole procedure, I recommend the following tools:

Lishi Hu66 Auto pick & decoder for VW Audi (used to open door lock)

AVDI or VVDI (used to decode immobilizer)

Condor key cutting machine (used to cut key)

CK100 Program Chrysler 300M Smart Key

OBD365 technicians have made a tutorial on how to create remote keys with CK-100 auto key programmer. In this tutorial, we will take Chrysler 300M as an example.


Equipment you will need:

An orginal Chrysler 300M key

A new Chrysler 300M smart key

CK100  key programmer (Here we are using the 99.99 version, the latest version is 45.09)

A OBD2-to-car cable (There is one comes with CK100 programmer)


How to:


  • Hook up CK100 to the OBD2 port of the vehicle via the cable. The CK100 screen will light up in a few seconds.


  • Press F1 to continue.
  • Go to Main Menu and select “2) Remote Controls”.


  • Select vehicle maker as “Chrysler”, then vehicle model as “300M”, press “Enter” button.


Press any button to continue.


  • Insert the original ignition key to start the car.


  • Press any button to continue.
  • Press Lock and UNLOCK button on the remote together for 5 seconds. Then press the unlock button for 2 seconds.
  • The key is programmed.
  • Test if the remote will work.


PS: If you want to programmer more than one key, please disconnect the device with the car, and then repeat from step 1.

The programmer has been updated to the latest 45.09 version recently. If you are interested in CK100 45.09, please visit our official product link to learn more about it: