How to update Xhorse Condor XC-007 2.3.3 online

Original Xhorse iKeycutter Condor XC-007 series master key cutting machine new update software 2.3.3 and define key tool software & quick guide start download link:!6wtinAZB!RssWwJhfS-EhOfCeNpbAJAEDZE9Q8J4sVIlG0JT8Im8 Notes:define key tool only support new version update to 2.3.3 first. find bugs/not work well let technician know.

How to online update & how to use customize key tool? update

Step1: Connect Condor XC 007 machine to your PC,turn on the machine. Step2: After Install “driver file”,open the update software. Condor-xc-007-1 (1).Select preferred language by yourself,Then click on”Update ”. Condor xc 007 1 768x538-1 (2).Select update version,click on”Update Online”wait until display Update Success,wait for a while(30 seconds),Restart machine.  

2.customize key

Step1:Ensure machine version is 2.3.3Beta(cannot support old version,such as 2.2.9–2.3.2Beta).if not please update first. Step2: Open software,Setting language.( Sample:2015 TOYOTA COROLLA) condor xc007 update 2 768x538-2 (1)Select Brand as the car type list. condor xc007 update 3 768x538-3 (2) Click on”Add Key”,then select key type,Then enter all key data(step1 to step 6 do all steps one by one)as the software show you condor xc007 update 4 768x538-4 3.Save this key,you can preview the key image. a.Connect Condor Mini machine to PC b.Click on”Synchronize”,after synchronize success user find this customize key in”Key Copy”& ”Cut By Code”.   Notes:user can import/export the customize key as”.u”file,and” Synchronize”,then cutting keys. Customer question: Q: Is this machine still made? Always seems to be out of stock these days. A:Yes,currently only Condor XC-MINI key cutting machine on supply,Condor XC-007 have stopped production.XC-MINI also include XC-007 functions,faster and lighter.  

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