How to Update OBDSTAR X100 Pro key programmer

OBDSTAR X100 Pro Auto Key Programmer (C+D) Type software can be updated online. X-100 Pro can support IMMOBILISER,Odometer Adjustment,engine diagnosis, EEPROM(EEPROM function Need to Buy the EEPROM Adapter Alone).


How to update OBDSTAR X100 PRO Key Programmer?

1. Go to register account.
2. Log in with your account, build a new folder on your desktop, download all update software and put into the folder you just built.

3. Update the update tool, connect TF card by card reader to your computer.
4. Choose the target folder and file folder like this:


5. Choose all files in the folder and click “update”

obdstar x 100 pro update 1-1

obdstar x 100 pro update 2-2

obdstar x 100 pro update 3-3

6. When update finish, Update Tool would remind you update success!

obdstar x 100 pro update 4-4

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