Benz VVDI MB BGA tool cannot write NEC?

Some Mercedes locksmith complained Xhorse VVDI MB BGA tool cannot write NEC, even the worst and cheapest tool from can read /write /erase nec key !!! Here are factory engineer and VVDI Benz users’ feedback.

			Benz VVDI MB BGA tool cannot write NEC?

Maybe xhorse are sponsor sing BE keys instead of nec key ?!?!?!?!

ESL renew and repair do not work!

Cannot read pass from eis old style!!!

Better to wait some months and see if they will evolve their tool.

Factory engineer reply:

Write NEC function still verifying data,if ok will be released in this week.

ESL renew function absolutely work ok,if ESL damaged you should change ESL(not support repair function)

Under developing function all show in User Manual.other functions of course work ok.

Customers comment (1):

Before the tool came out everyone was dying to have a solution for BGA Pass. some were ready to pay anything just to get this solution. and now after Xhorse introduced the VVDI MB Tool which is very cheap ahead of any other company which works GREAT on password. We are supposed to satisfy it.

the tool have bugs ??? of course it has, they are human working on it.

u want it fully tested before releasing ? then wait few more months for it and stop complaining why no one has released the BGA pass.

it doesnt write nec ?? It is an issue yes but who cares ?

everyone who works in BENZ has a nec programmer , just wait for it , NEC issue isn’t a big deal for Xhorse i m sure they will solve it. for once be grateful cause you have a tool that cost pennies comparing to other tools that most now still cant do ~~~~ about BGA.

Customer comment (2):

Yes, bga solution not cost much money

olthers company sell product without bga function 2 times more

nec not write in pcb not problm erase solder on key pcb and write via ir

me test 5 ezs w212 withou elv w2012 elv and w204 all ok get password easier not more than 12 min for all job,

so please freinds not say anything be logical.

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