Ford Focus 2001 all key lost,what key programmer?

Newbie question:

Hi friend, i have ford focus year 2001, 90 hp, ecu visteon (i have dump 95040. All key are lost. Where is the correct procedure for create new transponder?
I have Zed bull with effi, SBB, Ford VCMII diagnostic/programming tools.
Is possible create key directly with zedbull and dump ecu?
What other way is possible for create key?

Answers/solutions by locksmith:

1. You use VCMII IDS with outcode/incode
VCM2 go to PATS and follow instruction. You still need 2 4D ID60 to start the car.

2.T300 + outcode with 2 ID60 by OBD.

3. Zed-bull &Effi, with this dump.You can create key from dump file.Create transponder, not modify the dump.

4. Use OBDSTAR F100 Ford/Mazda key programmer via OBD,no need pin code.

First to add a key, delete all key first.

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