JMD Handy baby Individual Seller‘s Review

JMD Handy baby Individual Seller‘s Review
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I personally use and sell JMD Handy Baby car key copy machine for 4D/46/48 chips.  I got 30 pieces of the machine from an authorized dealer with much better price.


Handy Baby is good sell the product, not because “it is easy to sell” , but “easy to use” . there is no man foolish in the world. Money for everyone is not for free.I won’t take a pile of bad products to fool consumers and agents and close friends and family, things are good or bad ,test it for a time and you will know. No one will be foolished at second time. We Only do do long-term business not profits! Only to do word of mouth without false! Only brand monopoly. Such a business is a long way!
Let’s make it clear
handy baby =4C,4D,46,48 built inside but not all 48 will clone just GM (4d(G)is a add on).

I added G function for the v6.1.0 handy baby key programmer, I have tested many many cars, from common to luxury,  have done Porsche, Chevrolet, Fiat, Nissan, Toyota G chip, Kia, Hyundai Yamaha motor… you name it

More chip types are waiting to be tested.

It is not the best but really nice gadget i got from China market.


handy baby key copy-1

jmd handy baby 2-2

jmd handy baby 6-3

jmd handy baby porsche 3-4

jmd handy baby porsche-5

jmd handy baby porsche 2-6

jmd handy baby fiat-7

jmd handy baby yamaha 4d69-8

jmd handy baby chysler-9

jmd handy baby 4-10

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