JMD Handy Baby II Key Copy Software Update to V2.34
JMD Handy baby II key copy machine software released to V2.34 on April 10th, 2019. Handy Baby 2 V2.34 Update Features: Optimize IC/ID card copy Optimize 8C chip
JMD Handy Baby I V9.0.4 Adds 4D72G Decoding Offline
JMD Handy Baby 1st generation key copy machine software released to V9.0.4. Handy baby 9.0.4 update function: Add 4D72G decoding offline (users with G-decoding function enabled) JMD APP register:
JMD Handy Baby 2 Remote Key Renew Wiring Diagram
As titled, here’s remote/smart key renew wiring diagram to JMD Handy Baby II 2nd generation key copy machine. If you find the chip list is less than other key copiers
JMD Handy Baby 2 Review: Good and Promising
Just received my handy baby2. The site i used is It looks and feels good, but I have a few feedback about it: Remote generation is very
JMD Handy Baby II Copy Fiat 500 ID46 Remote Key
We have sucessfuly cloned a ID46 remote key to a Fiat 500 using new JMD Handy baby II key copy machine. Very easy and fast. Original key: ID46
JMD Handy Baby II Unlock BMW PCF7945 Smart Key
New JMD Handy Baby II second generation key copy machine adds lots of new features, IC/ID decoding, smart key renew, copy garage door remote control etc. Here’s the
VVDI2 vs. Tango vs. Handy baby which is better for Mazda 8C Chip Copy
What’s the best solution of Mazda TK5561A 8C chip copy? Xhorse VVDI2 or Scorpio-LK Tango key programmer or JMD Handy baby car key copy? Here you go. All
JMD Handy Baby Red Super Chip vs. Blue King Chip
JMD Red Super Chip is rolled out in the market from the end of September 2018. What’s the difference between Super Chip and King chip? 1.Both are universal
JMD Handy Baby Key Copy Machine Software Update to 9.0.2
JMD Handy Baby key copy machine software release to V9.0.2 on August 16th, 2018.  Handy Baby newest version 9.0.2 can copy 46 chip by king chip directly ,
Handy Baby vs. VVDI Key Tool vs. Keyline 884 vs. Keydiy KD-X2
As titled, here’s the table comparison listing all available chip lists of some popular car key copy machines, JMD handy baby, vvdi key tool, keyline884, keydiy etc. Chip/Function