CN900 Mini Decode Toyota G chip error (Solved)

CN900 Mini Decode Toyota G chip error (Solved)
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Here is the working solution to CN900 Mini key programmer “decode error 2” when decode Toyota transponder key with G chip.

Download CN900 Mini update file
Open CN900-MINI-V1.9 software on desktop

cn900 mini decode error 1-1

Click on CONNECT to connect Mini CN900 and computer

cn900 mini v1.9-2

Then click on UPDATE button to update CN900 Mini firmware

cn900 mini connect-3

Power off CN900 Mini main unit

Power on CN900 Mini key programmer
After firmware update procedure complete, turn on the key copy machine again.

Device will work well.

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  1. What is SD1-Error message when decoding Honda Motorcycle 46chip and Hyundai/Kia 46 chip? When decoding after sniffing it stops and message appear “SD1-error decoding error.”. What is wrong with my CN900mini? It decodes Chevrolet 46, honda 46, suzuki46 but can’t decode hyundai/kia and honda motorcycle.

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