Clone PSA ID46 key with VVDI key Tool, Handy baby or CN900 Mini?


I tried to clone peugeot partner 2002 id 46 key with VVDI Key Tool yesterday… could not sniff data.

CN900 MINI too , very hard to clone PSA keys to car before 2005 ….



1.keep tool 5cm away from ignition.  I mean not put antenna to touch ignition lock. keep it away from lock. i have done many peugeot citroen with this way.


With JMD handy baby key copy machine you have 3 choices for collect ! With these psa choose down touch and works fine.

100% confirmed. I did lot of psa before 2005 with handy baby and never fails.



Handy baby copy PSA ID46 key examples:

Peugeot 307 ID46 cloning

Peugeot Partner 2013

Citroen Berlingo 2012 ID46

Peugeot 301 year 2015 ID46

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