How to use Handy Baby to copy Honda CBR600 ID46 PCF7936 key chip?

Last week I successfully made a spare Honda CBR600 ID46 PCF7936 key by Handy Baby key programmer! Tested by myself OK and easy!

So here share with you below steps:


My customer came with his Honda CBR600 motorcycle, only one working original key.

I used Handy Baby to copy the Honda motorcycle ID46 PCF7936 transponder chip and added a new key (left one)!

How I copy Honda CBR600 ID46 PCF7936 chip by JMD Handy Baby?

Step 1 off course is to power on Handy Baby key copy machine.

Next, I go to choose “Read& Decode” function, choose the icon and press OK button.

And I first decode the original key chip. Just put the key into the coil and press OK button to decode.

Handy Baby read out this Honda CBR600 key chip type ID46 and key chip ID.

Then I choose “For Handy Baby Collect 1” option to continue.

And follow the instruction. I insert the original key, put Handy Baby’s antenna close to the key and switch key to ON.

OK, put the key back to the coil then press OK button to start decode.

Use Handy Baby to decode Honda CBR600 ID46 PCF7936 key success!

Put the new ID46 key chip into the coil, press OK button to copy.

In this way I use JMD Handy Baby to clone Honda CBR600 ID46 PCF7936 key chip OK!

Key ID is same with the original and new key is working!


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