2017 AK91 Plus Key Programmer for BMW EWS 1995-2009

The AK90 updated version-2017 new AK91 Plus key programmer for all BMW EWS 1995-2009 has released in .

2017 AK91 Plus Key Programmer for BMW EWS 1995-2009

BMW AK91 Plus Key Programmer for all BMW EWS

Software version: V4.00


AK91 Plus adds key information identification function of the new BMW F series CAS4/CAS4+/ new Porsche;

support reading frame number, key state, KM data.

AK91+ support BMW E series PCF7945 chip, F series CAS4/CAS4+ factory and the original factory PCF7953 chip

refresh function (restore to a new key state); no need to disassemble the chip free, safe and efficient.

AK91 Plus BMW KEY-PROG can read the key information on all BMW EWS 1995-2009. It speeds up the EWS reading & writing.It is safe and effective BMW EWS key programmer.


BMW AK91 Plus Key Programmer Function:

1. Directly reading data dumps from MCU which marked 1D47J,2D47J,0D46J,2L86D without removing

MCU from circuit board,easy to do yourself.

2. With the help of software you can change VIN,Mileage and renew,lock or unlock keys as well.

3. Programming original chips “EML 10030A” for making keys .

4. Identifying keys for all EWS ,showing VIN,key No. and mileage .


Package Including

1pc x AK91 Plus Host

1pc x AK91 Plus 6 Pin Cable

1pc x AK91 Plus Chip data to read specific seat

1pc x AK91 Plus V4.00 software CD-ROM

1pc x AK91 Plus USB communication cable

2017 AK91 Plus Key Programmer for BMW EWS 1995-2009


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