AK90+ Cable Information
There are two different (mirrored) MCU adapter cables being distributed with AK90+ models. Some have a black wire as pin 1 and some have the brown wire as
AK90 Adds BMW E36 EWS4 Key Success
AK90 is the cheapest solution for BMW EWS key programming.  Today have done a BMW E36 EWS4 (add key). Firt read EWS4 2L86D dump data with xhorse vvdi
How to Restore BMW EWS System?
Here’s the easy tips on how to restore BMW EWS system. 1 take another Ews and write in yours. 2 restore to factory settings (ews editor software can
AK90+ Key Programmer “PIN No Touch” Error Solution
Problem: I picked up an AK90+ and began the usual task of scraping the board coating off the 2L86D chip.  It can read the key but cannot read the EWS.
Which Tool to Program Older Mini Cooper 3-Button Remote Key?
Question: Will this key program with autel , xtool , or launch or best remove ews and do with ak90 , don’t see many older minis? Solution: You
Program BMW 325i 2003 EWS3 Key with AK90 Key Programmer
Here’s the guide on how to program BMW 325i 2003 key using AK90+ key programmer. BMW 325i 2003 Immobilizer type: EWS3 MCU Chip: 0D46J Connect EWS3 with AK90
How to Program EWS4 Key with AK90 or R270 Programmer
As titled, here obdii365.com introduces 2 methods to program BMW EWS4 (EWS4.3 & EWS4.4 transponder) using BMW EWS-4.3 & 4.4 IC adapter adapter without soldering. Method 1: Program EWS4 key with AK90+/AK91
Locksmith Key Programmers and Other Hardware overview
Mr. PocketHero from DK forum shared his working experience on some key programmers and other hardware from his small locksmith shop.  Hope it helps if someone looking for it.  
DIY BMW E46 330D EWS3 Key Programming with AK90+
I am currently driving a BMW 3 series E46 330D year 2002. This is my third BMW, the first was an e36 325td and second was a 745Li e66.  The
BMW EWS Key Programmer AK91 Plus 4.00 vs. AK90 AK90+ 3.19
This is a comparison chart of AK91 Plus key programmer v4.00 vs. AK90+ (AK90) key programmer v3.19 for BMW. AK91 Plus key programmer AK91+ key programmer price: $400