JMD Handy Baby Copy VAG ID48 96 bit Chip Online

JMD Handy baby key copy machine latest software released to V8.8.9. With the latest software, you can copy VAG ID48 96 bit chip online.


Chinese version 8.8.9 is already available, English version Handy baby software will be available on Dec, 15th/16th, 2017.

JMD Handy Baby 96 bit 48 online copy!
Each time decoding need token!


How to register and open Handy baby id48 96-bit online copy authorization?

If you have JMD assistant adapter, register 48 96-bit copy is free.

If you don’t have JMD assistant adapter, you need to pay extra money to register.

For the register and decoding token price, you can contact customer service.




How to use Handy baby to Copy ID48 96 bit chip online?

Demo video


Picture Guides:

JMD Handy Baby V8.8.9 Copy VAG ID48 96 Bit Chip Online

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