How to Register Mitsubishi Outlander 07 Immo Key with MUT-III

How to Register Mitsubishi Outlander 07 Immo Key with MUT-III
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Yesterday I registered keys for Mitsubishi Outlander Classic 2.4L AT 4G69 2007Y.
It was necessary to add 1 key. Everything was done through  Mitsubishi MUT-III diagnostic scan tool.

Disclaimer: The tutorial was translated from Russian. So the menu is in Russian, but have English explanation.

Run the software MUT 3 , select STV (Scan Tool Viewer):

Go to the System Selection menu:

We put the year with 2005 , we enter the VIN-number, we get the active configuration, and we go further into the Immobilizer :

Let’s go to the list of data:

We see 2 registered keys:

We go back to the menu, go to a special function:

Registration of ID-key :

We enter the password and agree:

We see on this screen, the 1st key is already inserted in the ignition lock, we agree:

1st key registration successfully after 10 seconds, turn on the ignition with a second key, preferably do it quickly, we agree with the question of the registration of the following key:

The second key is registered, we repeat the same thing for the third key:

The third key is registered, because there are no more keys for registration, cancel the addition of the next possible key:

We go back and go to the data list, now we see 3 registered keys:

We go into self-diagnosis, no errors are found, then everything is ok:

Alternately we start the engine of the car with each key, we make sure that all 3 are registered, they work:

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