How to Enable/Disable BMW F-series Key with CGDI BMW

How to: Enable/Disable BMW F-series key using CGDI Prog BMW key programmer.


1. CGDI BMW enables F-series key

Select BMW Enable Key

Display key information

Select key position to be enabled

Enable the key

Put the key vertically in the key induction area of the direction column

Enable the key successfully, the re-enabled remote key may not immediately take effect on the vehicle, in this case through the manual key to open the vehicle, if necessary, through the emergency start function start the vehicle. To do this, keep the master key in the mark position and manipulate the start/stop button according to the instructions. Then the ignition key should be properly functioning again.

2. CGDI BMW disables F-series key

Select BMW Disable Key

Display key information

Select key position to be disabled

Disable the key

Disable key success


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