Program Mitsubishi Grandis 2010 PCF7936 Key with VVDI Prog and Tango

How to: program PCF7936 transponder key to a Mitsubishi Grandis  year 2010 using Xhorse VVDI Prog and Tango key programmer.

Original transonder: PCF7936
Data location 24C02

Immo location: behind the decroative penal
Take off the decorative panel, the immo is in depth at the right upper corner

Step 1: Read IMMO Dump 

Read immo dump with vvdi prog or Orange 5

If you cannot find the wiring connection in vvdi-prog

use the wiring diagram in Orange 5

Open vvdi prog software

Select EEPROM/Flash->ATMEL->AT24C02

Save eeprom data


Step 2: Program transponder

Open Tango software

Select Car Model->Mitsubishi->Grandis

Upload dump file read by vvdiprog

Select an unused key position

Insert new PCF7936 transponder into tango key programmer

Write key.

Until write key success.

Try to start car with new key.


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