How to Program EWS4 Key with AK90 or R270 Programmer

How to Program EWS4 Key with AK90 or R270 Programmer
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As titled, here  introduces 2 methods to program BMW EWS4 (EWS4.3 & EWS4.4 transponder) using BMW EWS-4.3 & 4.4 IC adapter adapter without soldering.

Method 1:

Program EWS4 key with AK90+/AK91 & EWS4 adapter 

Remove EWS4 immo box

Connect EWS4 board to EWS4 adapter and AK90 key programmer

Select MCU 2L86D and Read EWS

Read data success and save data

EWS Analyse

You should be at the main screen with all the numbers and letters on, place your virgin/new key into the slot on the AK90 and select write key

Select the slot and select write key you will get a warning making sure that you have placed key in slot just select yes

After aprox 1-2mins you should see confirmation that the keys data is coded

Put EWS4 unit back to car.



Method 2:

Read dump with R270 & Write key with key programmer

Again remove EWS4 immo box

Connect EWS4 board with EWS4 adapter and R270 BDM programmer

Open R270 in-circuit programmer software

Select correct MCU: 2L86D

Press Read

Software requests to check pin state
Press YES

Pin check and MCU correct

Press Yes and read begins

Save dump file (file containing rolling key codes)

Open your key programmer software, i.e AD-900 pro or other programmer can be loaded dump file

Select EEPROM and upload bin file read by R270

Software opens correct module 063 for BMW EWS4

Key slot 1 to 4 are listed

To avoid manufacturer conflict, select highest available slot 4

Insert blank 7935 transponder into AD900 and press Program button

Data is sent to the AD900
Transponder is produced to start vehicle

Then reinstall EWS4 immo box back to vehicle.

3 Ways to Program BMW EWS4 Key using EWS4 Adapter

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