Which tool to Program BMW R1200 R Motorcycle All Keys Lost?

How-to: bmw motorcycle R1200 R all key lost, user need to make new key.

Step 1: Disassemble the ECU

Remove the Bosch ECU which contains immo data under the fuel tank.

MODULE BMW bikes engine ECU BMSKP Bosch

Step 2: Read ECU data

the type of ECU is Bosch bmsk me9

read it with ktag master (BDM), select Motorrad->1200 R->Bosch bmsk me9

Follow k-tag wiring connection, connect ktag and ECU via BDM. Don’t forget to feed with 12V power adapter.

Ktag generated 2 files, including FLASH data. Backup and save all data.

Step 3: Write Key 

You can write the key with many OBD key programmers, like, VVDI2, Tango, TM100 etc.

here is the example with TM100

Choose correct motor model, upload FLASH data

TM100 will display key information and number, select an unused key position

Place a new 7936 chip into TM100’s coil

Press Generate Key

Wait a seconds, the key was generated

Don’t need rewrite data, the key can start car directly.

Reinstall the ECU back to BMW bike.

You can check if the key is programmed successfully using ND900 Mini.

Brand new 7936 chip before programming (Blank)

7936 chip after programming  (Crypto)

Write key success.


How to Program BMW R1200 R Motorcycle All Keys Lost