How to write Megamos 48 CS with Tango Key Programmer?

This is an original Scorpio-LK Tango key programmer help file.

Purpose: write Megamos 48 component security

Component Security in Megamos 48 key

The modern immobilizers of the VAG-group vehicles have such conception as “Component Security” (CS). The CS is an array of 7 bytes length. Its role in a vehicle is to forbid a mixing of electronic units from different cars. In terms of the immobilizer the CS is a “password” that used in couple of the Motor Unit (ECU) and the immobilizer.

The protection scheme includes 3 components that share the CS, they are: ECU


The protection scheme allows the engine to start only in case when the CS is identical in all the three components.

Key and CS

The CS is a part of the Crypto Key and fills its upper area Word9-Word6.

ECU and CS

ECU uses the CS as a password. More modern ECUs contain only 6 bytes of the CS. In this case the CS should be extracted from another devices, for example it may be a dashboard.


The vehicle dashboard usually has a role of an immobilizer. The IMMO always contains all the 7 bytes of the CS.

The Tango key programming tool “Write Component Security 7 Bytes” (Megamos 48 window) helps you to put the CS manually into a transponder.

Example of ECU BOSCH Motronic M7:

ECU dump, eeprom 95040:

			How to write Megamos 48 CS with Tango Key Programmer?

The CS has been marked in the blue color.

To write the CS, invoke the tool and type the CS in the window:

			How to write Megamos 48 CS with Tango Key Programmer?

Select the vehicle brand and press the Write button.

Temporary the Seat brand is unavailable.

Link to Scorpio-LK Tango:

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