CGDI BMW V3.0.2 adds BMW 6HP EGS Reset

There is an new update available in CGDI Prog BMW key programmer.

CGDI BMW  V3.0.2 New
1. Added BMW EGS Change(F Series-6HP) [Erase and reset]
2. Added BMW E Series Program [Advanced programming]
3. Optimize CAS4 Key Match, FEM/BDC Key Match, ISN Show window
4. Fix user registration issues

CGDI BMW now supports BMW F/G series 8HP and F-series 6HP EGS change,erase and reset function.

To enable CG BMW EGS reset function, you need to activate related software license, check and order here:

CGDI Prog BMW EGS ISN Clear and Synchronize Authorization

			CGDI BMW V3.0.2 adds BMW 6HP EGS Reset

Q: Will CGDI BMW program used EGS 8hp70 e70 x5 BMW and E series EGS 8hp?

A: Yes. it will.

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