Is the Autel KM100 A Must Have if I have IM608?


Is the Autel KM100 a must have? I currently ham an IM608 pro, but wonder if cloning transponders is less effort than adding them separately.

			Is the Autel KM100 A Must Have if I have IM608?

Answer: Autel last update on im608/im508 xp400 gave you a universal key option. Then you already have the ability of the km100. You can do all the same Key generation with the XP400. KM100 can do the remotes with remote starter. It’s not a must, but it does reduce the amount of FOBs you have to carry. It’s good having more than one tool we do like about km100 not having to take out the bulk autel 608 out to program. Sometimes the best option is to clone a chip. Clone a chip and then you don’t have to add a key using a scanner. Sometimes the system of a car will not accept any more keys but a cloned key does not add another key. There are so many situations that can happen. Chip cloning will save you lots of time and some cars it’s just beat to clone it.

If you have a tight budget you could get the xhorse mini key tool for 200 dollars cheaper.

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