Autel IM608 Honda Civic 2022 “Safety Check Failed”?
Problem: I was trying to do a 2011 Honda Civic with Autel IM608 pro. Note this was a wrecked vehicle from Auction, All Keys Lost. But im608 failed
Program Volvo XC40 2020 All Keys Lost with Autel IM608
Volvo xc40 2020 all keys lost is done with Autel IM608 Pro. The cem is located at the bottom left of the steering wheel.  Using original key form
Autel XP400 Pro Sprinter 2002 Immo Chip Answer Error Solution
Problem: I have chip “answer error” on immobox temic sprinter 2002 with autel im608 pro, it is not the same photo in autel and vvdi prog, that of
Autel IM608 Pro BMW EWS3 Replacement (Read/Write)
The BMW/mini Cooper EWS3 module is damaged and you would like to read date off the prossesor chip and then if you save it in bin file you
Autel IM608 2013 RAM 1500 Key Not Working Error Code B1A0B?
Problem: I need some help. I added a smart key ( after market) with autel im608 in my boss truck 2013 Dodge ram 1500 and it did work
Autel IM608 Pro Clone Mercedes W203 ME2.8 ECU
It is very easy to clone ME 2.8 ecu instead of going through renew procedure.  It is a cylinder V6 ECU on a Mercedes w203. It runs on
Autel IM508 VW Gold VDO 2009- All Keys Lost in Service Mode
Most VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat cars after 2009 with VDO NEC clusters all keys lost can be done with Autel IM508/IM608/IM608 Pro via dump using APA102 clip adapter no soldering.
Autel IM608 Program 2017 Jaguar XF All Keys Lost via OBD
2017 Jaguar XFAll Keys Lost successfully done with Autel IM608 Pro via OBD. Generated the Key via “Key Clone AKL”. 5 Minute Job. This feature was released with
Autel IM608 BMW EWS3 Response Timeout Solution
Question: I failed to read BMW 2004 model EWS3 immo data with Autel IM608 Pro. Follow the instruction but gives a response timeout error. Solution: Do following 1.
Is the Autel KM100 A Must Have if I have IM608?
Question:  Is the Autel KM100 a must have? I currently ham an IM608 pro, but wonder if cloning transponders is less effort than adding them separately. Answer: Autel