Tutorial: pick & decode HU66 VAG lock with Lishi HU66 2-in-1 locksmith tool The
Lishi tools 2 in 1 user guide for those keen to learn about the
Here is the user manual free download resource of Auto Smart 2-in-1 Auto Pick and
Now new update tool of Xhorse ikeycutter Condor XC-Mini key cutting machine V4.0.1 both SN KM02
Lishi locksmith tools at are recognized by professionals around the globe for their quality,
Q: I am looking for a normal laser machine for the van to go
Is SEC-E9 machine better than Condor xc-mini? Can do more keys like motor keys?
Xhorse Condor XC-Mini key cutting machine Update Tool V1.0.9 free on mega. https://mega.nz/#!yxEgCZQD!kEESAh3fuGiNbKPzJPVDPURykXpAJrTrZu406FwgEOg  
Here are the video guides on calibrate dimple key clamp and cut dimple key by
The Miracle A9 clone version- SEC-E9 key cutting machine is released recently but works