368A Key Cutting Duplicated Machine is it worth to buy?

Is it worth to pay $130 for the 368A key cutting machine? Does someone have any experience with that tool? We will  let you know.

368A Key Cutting Duplicated Machine is it worth to buy?

First comes some user experience:

1. I have one, no problems as long as you use good quality cutter. I use hss instead of carbide with it, seems to work better. As an aside, I am trying to attach space and depth micrometers to it to cut keys by dimension without depth keys. Not a priority, but would be nice to be able to do that.

2.At the moment I have the 368a .I’ve done lots of keys with it. bought the carbide cutters and needed 3 of them for cutting a key. Not very fast. But with titanium cutter is good. I am using it for mobile cutting only. Worth all the money.

3. 368a works like a rocket with titanium drill.


What’s the difference between 368a and other automotive key cutters, i.e Condor XC-Mini?

368a and Xhorse Condor key cutter are totally different machines. 368A key cutter is the manual control version. You need to do calibration and cutting keys manually. While Condor key cutting machine is the automotive version. It will do calibration and cutting keys by itself automatically.


368A Key Cutting Machine Operation Video Demo


Locksmith suggestions:

1. You can buy 386a cutter at much cheaper price, for example only $79 in
2. If you are going to do for business the $79 I will not recommend, depends how much you want to spend. 368a is good for DIYer, but you need a professional cutting machines Condor, Miracle A7 etc to keep your business running.

3. The 368A is gear for cutting laser type keys. 368a can cut/duplicate both home keys and vehicle keys for multi brands, BMW, Honda, VW etc


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