This is introduction about the update version of VVDI— VVDI 2 commander key programmer.
There is a new OBD device that can program Toyota G and H chip
SuperOBD VPC-100 is a hand-held Vehicle Pin Code Calculator designed for Locksmith. It released
Toyota “G” transponder key all key lost, what will it cost us? Programming the
Cheap clone SKP900 with better price rushed into in the aftermarket. What’s the difference
The Key pro M8 is the most powerful and most expensive key programmer, it’s
The newly launched CBAY (JMD Handy-baby in domestic) Hand Baby 4D/46/48 key programmer can
These days, obd365 newly release two types of 4D and ID46 clone machine: TM100
There are several versions of CK100 auto key programmers on the aftermarket: CK100 V45.09,
I noticed that many locksmiths on Facebook and forums are discussing about SuperOBD SKP900