Program Mercedes EIS A246 All Keys Lost with CGDI MB and AC Adapter
New test report:  Programming CLA 2014 with EIS A246 ALL KEY LOST with CGDI MB success in 6 minutes including password calculation. Model: Mercedes CLA 2014 S A264 Devices
How to Program Benz W221 All Keys Lost with CGDI MB on Bench?
CGDI Prog MB is possible to program Mercedes Benz W164 2009-/W221 2009- in 2 ways:  via OBD and on bench. OBD mode takes about 2 hours. Bench reading
Program Benz old W164 All Keys Lost with CGDI MB and AC Adapter
Guide: add key to the Mercedes Benz old (A1645450909) EZS W164 when all keys lost using CGDI Prog MB key programmer. With the CGDI MB AC adapter, the data acquisition
W639 All Keys Lost Programming with CGDI MB and AC adapter
Test report: CGDI Prog BenzMonster + AC adapter for Mercedes Benz W639 all keys lost. Hardware: CGDI Prog MB programmer + AC adapter Software: CGDI MB EIS: W639 Wiring diagram: Connection: Process: Step 1:
How to connect CGDI AC Adapter with CGDI MB for Data Acquisition?
Finally CGDI company released the CGDI MB AC Adapter which will shorten the data acquisition time from 2 hours to about 10 minutes – 35minutes without dismantling the EIS.