Hottest key programmer: Autel IM508, Lonsdor K518ISE and Xtool X100 PAD2 How to choose?
Comparison table : Autel MaxiIMIM508 vs. Lonsdor K518ISE vs. Xtool X100 PAD2 below: Item Autel MaxiIM IM508 Lonsdor K518ISE Xtool X100 Pad2 Image Price $1,199 $1,199 $888 CPU
Which Tool and How to Program Alfa Romeo 147 2002 Key?
Question: Alfa Romeo 147 2002 with mcu mask 3k91d, vvdi prog not read mcu. Which tool can read mcu and program key? User experience: 1). Read mcu data
Which Tool to Program Peugeot Boxer 2015 All Keys Lost?
Question: Which tool can program Peugeot Boxer 2015 All Keys Lost? Tried reading pin with TDB007 no joy. lonsdor k518ise no joy. Solution: 1). TDB007 doesnt read the pin from
Solved! Lonsdor K518ISE Functions No Respond by Formatting
Here’s the guide to format the Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer in case of all functions icon not respond in Settings. Format Lonsdor k518 procedure: Hold those two buttons
Program Renault Scenic 4 2019 Smart Key with Lonsdor or OBDSTAR?
Question:  It’s possible to add a scenic 4 year 2019 smart card on obdstar x300 DP plus version c or Lonsdor K518ISE? Answer: OBDSTAR: yes Requires a Renault converter
How to Program Hyundai Grandeur Azera 2009 All Key Lost
Hyundai Grandeur Azera (tg) 2009 All Key Lost. Successfully made with vvdi remote. Successful remote program and key program with Lonsdor K518ISE. However, reading the pin code failed.
What Decent Key Programmers to Invest in 2020
Planning to shop decent key programmers which can cover most car makes and help make lots of money. New Renault and Ford would be good.   Expert advice
How to Program Hummer H3 2009 Remote Key?
Test report: Hummer H3 2009 kd Key addition successful.  Generate remote with keydiy. Remote ( id48 chip) program by Lonsdor key programmer. keydiy # 02 using a blade
Possible to Program Toyota Hilux 2019 All Keys Lost with Lonsdor K518S?
Key programmer: Lonsdor K518S key programmer   Car: Toyota Hilux 2019 akl keyless – success… Simple how-to guide: Need orange one emulator. Read eeprom by obd Make emulator Add
Program Fiat Ducato 2008 ID46 Key with Lonsdor K518S
How to use Lonsdor K518S/K518ISE to program Fiat Ducato 2008 ID46 Key successfully. This is original working Fiat Ducato 2008 ID46 key. Use the original key to turn on the