Program Audi A3 2016 MQB Key with Xtool X100 PAD2
Tutorial: how to program Audi A3 2016 new MQB key using xtool x100 pad2, pad3 or x100 elite. Key can be generated by Keydiy ZB series remotes only. 
Calculate Nissan Micra 2010 Password with Xtool or Xhorse?
I always have trouble with early Nissan’s. I’m trying to code in a Nissan Micra key 2010. I can pull the BCM code with xtool x100 pad2, and
Xtool Program 2015+ New Ford All Keys Lost with Active Alarm
Xtool tech released 2015 onwards new Ford proximity all keys lost with active alarm function as well. Tools you need: Xtool key programming tablets (X100 PAD3/X100 PAD Elite)
Program 2018+ Chrysler FCA Smart Key with Xtool X100 PAD3/PAD2
Xtool tech now released 2018+ Chrysler Dodge Jeep proximity smart key programming functions as well. Here is the programming instruction. Tools you need: Xtool key programming tablets (X100
Program 2018+ Nissan Sylphy/Sentra All Keys Lost with Xtool X100 PAD2/PAD3
Here’s the instruction on 2018+ Nissan Sylphy/Sentra all keys lost smart key programming with Xtool key programming tablets. Tools you need: Xtool X100 pad2/x100 pad3 Main Cable &
Which Tool to Program Renault Scenic III 2016 Key with Security BCM?
Question: Renault Scenic III – 2016 (bcm is lock for read) anyone could make this car? No 4A key, this is hitag 2 pcf7941. 4a is for Megane
Program Nissan Qashqai 2019 Key with Xtool X100 Pad2 Bypass PIN Code
Nissan Qashqai 2019 is programmed successfully without reading pincode or releasing steering lock with xtool x100 pad2. it’s my first time programming Qashqai 2019 so I want to
Program Toyota Prius 2010-2018 All Keys Lost with Xtool X100 PAD
How to program a new key for a 2014 Toyota Prius proximity all keys lost with xtool x100 pad (pad2/pad3) via OBD. The same procedure can be applied
Can I Use Lonsdor JLR Key with Other Devices?
The question before entering: I need to try the new Yanhua Mini ACDP JLR OBD duplication function on a Land rover L405 2013. ACDP asks for a special
Best Key Programmer for 2021 New Business
Dear guys, if you want to start key programming business 2021 year, or will become a locksmith 2021 who will program key for European , Asian, American cars, but have no