CK-100 program Volkswagen chip48

Programming equipments:
CK100 CK-100 V45.09 auto key programmer
VPC -100 PIN Code calculator
One original Volkswagen Caseville chip48 key and at least one blank key

1) Get vehicle pin code with the VPC-100 pin code calculator follow the user manual. Write down the pin code on piece of paper.
VPC-100 pin code calculator user manual

2) Connect the CK100 car key programmer with vehicle via OBD port.
3) Power up CK100 main unit
4) Select vehicle model as Volkswagen Caseville follow the system prompts.

5) The system will prompt you that “PROG NEW KEYS without PIN CODE you can not program new keys”. Push the Right Direction Key to go to the next menu.

6) Enter your vehicle PIN CODE value that you have got from pin code calculator under DATA INSERTION option.

7) After entered the pin code, choose and enter the key number you want to program.

8) The system will built communication. Then the system will display “COMMUNICATION OK” message.
9) Sequentially insert a key and turn the console. Turn ignition on then removed the key.
10) Add a blank new key while left ignition off.  Waiting for 45 seconds (max 60 seconds) until the safety access procedure was completed.

NOTE: Do remove the OBD2 cable after one time programming.

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