VW 3th Generation dashboard locked, manually modify it

When I use VVDI (old version VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface or the newest version up VVDI 3.5.3 K-line dashboard function) to make key for VW, some VW dashboard will be locked after failing to input right password. In the following parts, I will show you how to solve the problem, let us take VW 3th Generation IMMO dashboard immobilizer data for example.


Compare the normal data with the wrong data after inputting the wrong password, you will find data change in two places.


Data change in the first place:

  • In the 0D0 line, the 00C0 becomes 01C0, 01 means the password was typed incorrectly for one time, 02 means password was typed incorrectly for two times, the rest may be increased by analogy.


  • Data change in the second place:

In the 280 line, data 06 is the state position, after the password is typed incorrectly for one time, 06 become 07, when it becomes 09, it is in locked status.


How to unlock the data?

Please manually modify the following data:

  • In 0D0 line, modify 04C0 to 00C0
  • In 280 line, modify 0981 to 0681
  • We can also use the synchronizing method, this way will be introduced next time.
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