Jeep Commander CAN key programmer options

Question before entering:

Could someone with experience recommend a Key Programmer that works for a 2006 Jeep Commander(CANBUS)?

I have 1 original transponder key + remote fob and need to program 2nd blank transponder key + remote fob.

It seems SBB V33.02 Programmer has “Jeep Commander[CAN] 06-07” listed in menu but possibly doesn’t communicate with ECU.

I think KP819 Key Programmer can do it for sure, but budget is a little limited. Does anyone know a cheaper programmer that would work?


Locksmith recommendation:

  1. If you use SBB,you need a pincode. KP819 can read pincode for Jeep Commander 2006 CAN.

2. Jeep 2006 is “CAN” 1 system there is a pin bypass if you use a t-code or MVP (The Key Pro M8 clone)


3. If you have a ECU programmer. Like xprog, you could post eeprom and get pin.
I think that SBB copy works similar as the original with your car.
There is a difference between canbus type, and non canbus .

You also could have someone add Keys by dumps!

4. Read pin code with zedfull and programming with SBB.

5. SKP900 key programmer can program this car….I’ve done several Chrysler CAN1 with it. read PIN and program fine just have to try it a few times. After you pull the PIN it will give you ‘communication failed’, just unplug and turn off car and start over again, sometimes have to do it a few times.



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