OBDSTAR X100 Pro program Dodge Avenger 08 all keys lost

Some users feedback that they can find no where the Dodge car brand option in OBDSTAR X100 Pro auto key programmer. Indeed Dodge vehicles in included. Here is the example on programming key for Dodge Avenger 2008-2010 U.S. made when all keys lost.



Step 1. Read Security Code

Connect OBDSTAR X100+ with vehicle via OBD socket

Power on the X100 pro

Select “Makers”


Select region “America”

obdstar x100 pro dodge all keys lost 1-1


obdstar x100 pro america dodge 2-2

Loading scan.bin…

Turn ignition to ON position, dash light flashes

Select “Read security code”

obdstar x100 pro select chysler 3-3

Select “Dodge”

obdstar x100 pro read security code 4-4

Select “Avenger 08-10”

obdstar x100 pro select dodge 5-5


Read security code success

obdstar x100 pro select aveger 6-6

Step 2. Erase key

Back to CHRYSLER menu

Select “Immobilizer”

Select “Dodge”

Select “Avenger 08-10”

Select “Live data” function

Reading data stream

obdstar x100 pro security code 7-7

OBDSTAR X100 shows the current key number: 1

obdstar x100 pro live data 8-8

Back and select “Erase keys”

obdstar x100 pro live data 9-9

X100 will require to enter security code

obdstar x100 pro erase keys 10-10

Manual inter the pin code just read

obdstar x100 pro erase keys 10-10

Erase success

Go back and select “Live data”, check key has erased, number of keys:0

Step 3. Program old keys

Go back and select “Program old keys”

obdstar x100 pro erase keys 12-13

Switch ignition off, insert the new key and switch on, press ENTER to continue


Progress Success

obdstar x100 pro program old keys 13-14

Go back and check live data to see if new key is successfully programmed

OBDSTAR X-100 Pro shows current number of keys: 1

obdstar x100 pro program success 14-15

Key programming is done.

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