MasterKeyIII MK3 unlock Chrysler remote PCF7941

MasterKeyIII MK3 unlock Chrysler remote PCF7941
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PAM MasterKeyIII MK3 key programmer is a good device to unlock PCF7941 in Chrysler remote keys and fobiks. Here is the tutorial on MKIII Chrysler M3N5WY783X key upload firmware.



Open back cover of Chrysler remote key


Remove remote key battery

mk3 chrysler m3n5wy783x key 1-1

Connect test clips with MK3 and remote key

mk3 chrysler m3n5wy783x key 2-2

mk3 chrysler m3n5wy783x key 4-3

Open MKII software

Select Utilities tab->Programmers->PCF7941 Key Firmware Downloader

mk3 chrysler m3n5wy783x key 5-4

Select firmware: M3N5WY783X (fob)-Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge, and press on key icon marked red circle picture below

Press OK

mk3 chrysler m3n5wy783x key 6-5

Remove test flips from remote key

Install the battery back to the remote

Place remote key on the MKIII main unit to test transponder

mk3 chrysler m3n5wy783x key 7-6

Press test transponder icon

MK3 will display remote type, ID data, encryption keyv

place key on mkiii-7

Test radio key

Open MK III software, Select Utilities tab->Radio Key Scanner

mk3 chrysler m3n5wy783x key 8-8

Select Key FCC ID: M3N5WY783X (fobik)-Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge

mkiii test radio key 1-9

Click on Scan

MasterKey III will display radio data and information

mkiii test radio key 2-10

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