Which chip to use with Handy Baby 6.0 or above?

Recently some customer feedback that  Handy baby key programmer cannot read key chip data correctly when they use these chips (listed below) to work with JMD Handy baby:

4D 4C Copy Chip with Small Capacity (the Special Chip for Magic Wand) 5pcs/lot (Item No: SA1493-B)

CN2 Copy 4D Chip 5pcs/lot (Item No: SA157)

CN1 Copy 4C Chip 5pcs/lot (Item No: SA156)


Obd365.com technician solution:

If you have updated your Handy baby key copy machine to V6.0 above (V6.1, V6.2) and you bought chips above, you can downgrade handy baby to v6.0 below (V5.*). Chips work OK. Handy baby reads key data not problem.
If you have updated your handy baby to 6.0 above and want it to read chips without problem, you need to use original Handy baby 4C, 4D, ID46 car key chips:

Original ID46 Chip for Hand-held Hand Baby Car Key Copy Auto Key Programmer 5pcs/lot  (Item No:SA1492-B)

4D/4C Chip for Handy Baby Car Key Copy Auto Key Programmer 5pcs/lot (Item No:SA1493)

ID46 Chip for Handy Baby Car Key Copy Auto Key Programmer 10pcs/lot (Item No:SA1492)

4d 4c copy chip with small for magic wand 3-1

id46 chip cbay copy programmer 1-2

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