Program SKODA SUPERB 48 Chip Key by Keyline 884 MINI

Keyline 884 Decryptor MINI smart cloner is a simple device to copy ID48 key chip. It provides you a wide range of opportunities to copy the keys almost 95% of cars. In addition, you can copy ID48 for a price much lower than offered by workshop!


Vehicle model & year:



Open “Key Cloning Tool 884 MINI” application

Insert the original key to top slot of Keyline 884

Key Cloning Tool will recognize type of key

And insert GKM Chip key to the slot(you should install CKM Chip into key shell)

Then insert the GKM Chip key turn on switch -> turn off ignition -> Pull out GKM Chip for 4 times

The dashboard will show “Key not found” cause this chip do not be programmed

After 4 times, re-insert GKM chip key to the slot

The led lights on the Keyline 884 Mini key cloning tool inform the user of the various phases of the cloning procedure, the

Key cloning tool shown:

Pull out GKM Chip and insert original key

Keyline 884 Decryptor is cloning new key, waiting or 30 minutes….

After 30minutes, the calculating time will cost you about 10 minutes

Calculating complete, then insert the GKM Chip key

The 1st and 3rd LED will blink prompt to write chip

GKM phase 2…

Write success!

And all LED steady

Finally, use the new GKM Chip key to start car OK!

More Keyline 884 information will be found on

Good luck!

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